Week 19 – Nikonos!

Summer is coming!  We are fortunate enough to have both a pool and a water park close to home that we visit at least once a week (each).  Last year, I purchased a couple of “disposable” waterproof cameras from CVS and used those.  The results were not super fabulous, to put it mildly.  It’s very difficult to keep the plastic over the lens from getting smeared with sunscreen, scratched by keys, etc.  I did get enough shots that I liked to want to have a camera with me again at those places. . . . so I did what any spoiled photographer’s daughter does:  I picked up my phone and texted “hey dad, do you have any waterproof cameras?”

Spoiled as usual, this is what I got:

Nikonos 1!

I loaded it with some Ultramax 400 and photographed everything I could around me for a few days, during which time it was mainly raining so my inspiration was a little low.  I took the film to a local lab and got them to make prints for me (something I haven’t done in many years).  The results blew me away!  Especially considering the awful luck I have had using zone focus in the past, I can’t believe how well this camera performed for me.  Here are a few examples of the prints.


I would also like to take a moment to sing the praises of the lab who made these for me, Austin Camera & Imaging (http://austincamera.com/site/)  It’s rare that I want to frequent a camera store (or any store, for that matter, not being much of a shopper), but I look forward to having an excuse to go there.  The second you open the door, you can smell film.  The staff is friendly, laid back, and helpful, and I have been nothing but thrilled with their processing.  So if you find yourself in Austin, go in & say hi : )

5 thoughts on “Week 19 – Nikonos!

      • It would be nice if the default image size would be “large” instead of “medium” so that we wouldn’t have to think about that. But I believe it’s not possible to change that. :/


      • That is better! Thank you.

        I am not sure why it does it either. It doesn’t happen for me, though it did at first. I am not sure if there is a setting carries over from my own blog? That seems unlikely since my theme behaves quite differently from this one. I do have to centre the images each time, but they display full size unless (for vertical images) I give them a custom width to make them fit on a desktop screen.

        It might be device related as well – I use the classic dashboard through the WPAdmin link for adding posts (and I copy an old post of mine and edit it which might also be bringing the settings across). I suppose if Amy is using the new editing tool (with the irritating beep boop bop bouncing balls for waiting) then it could be coming from that software which is inadequate in several ways – like not being able to copy a previous post.

        I just discovered a script that always avoids that version of editor. If interested, this is where I found it, and the top link in that post is all you need. http://wp.me/pVRZc-2tn. Even if you don’t care about the editor, that blog is well worth looking at. It has lot of superb analogue photography though he is moving to digital recently due to difficulty of getting darkroom supplies in Oman.


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