Week 3 – 2014: Frosty panoramas

Continuing with the images from January. This time shot with a Minolta Riva Panorama on Agfa Precisa CT (rebranded Fuji Provia 100F). This is the first time that I’m scanning a roll from this camera myself and I was surprised just how soft the images were. But now with a healthy dose of sharpening I quite like them.

13 thoughts on “Week 3 – 2014: Frosty panoramas

  1. Provia’s a great film, but I was always drawn towards either Velvia (loved the punch) or Astia (RIP).


  2. You are evil, Urban – I’d just told myself I wouldn’t buy more cameras, and there you go putting thoughts of a Riva Panorama in my head 😉 On a serious note: I love the fog pictures, they’re otherworldly and dare I say, magical 🙂


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