Week 19 – New film, new adventure

Finally, after an entire box worth of Arista EDU 400, I got to a comfortable place with my Crown Graphic.  I replaced the lens that was sticking, and I rated the film at 100: boom.  Success!  And oh no, they are out of that film at Freestyle!  So, tho my heart (and bank account) quaked, I ordered some Tri-X 4×5.  This means, of course, that I have to figure out how to rate the film all over again, and it feels like starting from scratch.  I have the patience of a 3 year old, so rather than running tests like I know I ought, I just loaded up a few holders and headed out to shoot.

A friend of mine told me about this awesome Tractor Graveyard in a nearby town weeks ago, and I decided that was the perfect place. I only made 4 exposures (one didn’t work at all because I loaded the holder into the camera incorrectly, ugh), and they are all badly underexposed, but live and learn. . . . . and at least I can scan them.  These are with the film rated at 300.  My gut told me to make it more like 200, but I had heard the film is faster in general so I ignored my instincts – never again.  It was a very, very dull day – in fact, it rained on me a little bit.  I was muddy and wet and covered in grass burrs & rust, but I had the time of my life photographing the whole place.  I shot a bunch of 120, too, and may go back with the crown graphic another time.

Two significant observations about Tri-X vs Arista EDU:  the Tri-X is a much more substantial film, and was thus much easier to load.  Also, all of these shots were brought up 1.5 stops in lightroom, and yet they aren’t very grainy.  If I tried to salvage an Arista image the same way, there would be way too much grain.  I’m amazed I got any shadow detail at all, considering the circumstances.

Here are the results.  Tri-X 320 4×5 rated at 300, in Crown Graphic with 135mm lens; HC 110 B, 10 minutes.

Incidentally, I knocked on the door of that place in search of the owner of the Tractor Graveyard; it was the wrong house. The owner lives a couple of doors down, is older than that Ford, and has a very friendly little Dachshund.

5 thoughts on “Week 19 – New film, new adventure

  1. it seems like you are over developing the film, certainly shooting it at 300 should be no problem and you can get nice results and density for scanning. Tri-X in HC110b on massive development chart is around 5 minutes. Have you experimented and found 10 minutes best?


    • Well. . . . it turns out that the Real Problem was me, loading the film backwards. When I was told “notches go in the top right,” I clearly had a different definition of “top right” from the correct one. So I suppose it’s awesome that I got anything, since I was shooting through the wrong side of the film. lol.


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