April 25 Worldwide Pinhole Day

I met up with more pinhole photographers in one place than I thought possible.  With their cameras. 

I shot using a Vermeer anamorphic camera, and a Zero Image 4×5 with a 120 back on it.

Some of them had started earlier that Saturday, but I joined up for the secret santa gift exchange in Lucky Lab pub.  The next morning, we got up for sunrise (how did we do that?) , went for brunch, then split off in a few groups going to various locations.   In the afternoon we walked around Portland and met up at another pub (or two).   Many stayed behind for bowling, but I was beat, and drove back to Seattle.

Here are my anamorphic photos.    The camera only shoots 4 images per roll, and is a little cumbersome to load, so I only shot a few rolls.  Here are the better ones.

pinhole_164 pinhole_165 pinhole_166 pinhole_167

Here are the Zero Image shots:

pinhole_141 pinhole_142 pinhole_143 pinhole_144 pinhole_145 pinhole_146 pinhole_147 pinhole_148 pinhole_149 pinhole_150 pinhole_151 pinhole_156 pinhole_158 pinhole_160 pinhole_162 ZeroImage_119 pinhole_137 pinhole_138 pinhole_140

Everyone had a great time and got to drool over each others’ cameras all day long.  It was great to meet with so many folks who were into such a specific interest.   All of them, very talented.

For all the photos (including digital) see https://www.flickr.com/photos/espressobuzz/sets/72157653158905571.

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