15-20: Magenta Lomo surprise.

Now I know what happens when 120 roll film is left without the wrapper for years.

I don’t really know how long this was unwrapped but its obvious storage conditions were terrible. I’m sharing three random (not great) shots to show the effect. I like the look in a few shots from the roll, but I am not going to start removing wrappers and leaving the film on my dashboard over the summer for the 5 or so rolls of this film I have left.

It was a roll of VPS Vericolor III.

More cats for the internet.

More cats for the internet.

Kiddo portrait

Kiddo portrait



3 thoughts on “15-20: Magenta Lomo surprise.

    • I think that is due to environmental contamination at both edges of the roll while the foil wrapper has been removed. It could have been light but i thonk mostly the emulsion was just deteriorating from being open.


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