Rolls 27-29: Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Before and After

For me, my tolerant wife, and the Pinholistas, Worldwide Pinhole Day was a multi-day affair, a beer-soaked celebration of lensless photography and a grand experiment in Internet fellowship.  It started in Amsterdam last year, and we converged on Portland, OR this year on the last weekend of April.  Naturally, Seattle and Portland residents were well represented, but emissaries from the UK (2), France (3?), Tennessee (2), Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Idaho were in attendance. I find it amazing that people with this one strange interest in common should be so very compatible in temperament, spirit, and values.  Viva La Internet!

In the days before and after WPPD15 people came together for ad hoc photographic and gustatory adventures.  Both Friday and Saturday nights found us quaffing, joking, and geeking out.

On Saturday afternoon, a small group of us made our way to Blue Moon Photo and Machine, a nexus of film photography in the St Johns neighborhood.  I picked up my Kickstarter edition of “Contact” by Jake Shivery from the man himself, and met Zeb Andrews, a pinhole legend. From there we went to Cathedral Park, a grassy netherworld below the St Johns gothic arches.  We strolled out onto the bridge as well.  Interestingly, traffic makes the bridge vibrate and long exposures will have a bit of seismic interference.

Saturday night was the Official GitTogether and Pinhole Pachyderm at the Lucky Lab brew pub. Everyone drew a number and pinhole cameras were traded like a Secret Santa gift exchange.  Many cool cameras were gifted and fun was had by all.

Some of the photos here were actually made on WPPD.  I didn’t finish the roll for some time after, so consider these “lost” images of WPPD an intermission of sorts.

By the Tuesday after the hallowed day, some of us had returned to Seattle, and we made a “Twin Peaks” pilgrimage to North Bend and Snoqualmie.  Trains became the theme of the day and darkening skies pushed pinhole exposures ever longer. We endured a little bit of PNW drizzle and warmed up at the Salish Lodge over cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Next year: Barcelona!

Film: Kodak Ektar 100 color negative film

Camera: terraPin 6X6 3D printed pinhole F/167


Saint Johns Bridge, Portland, OR


Saint Johns Bridge, Portland, OR


Saint Johns Bridge, Portland, OR


The Portland Zoobombers’ Bike Pile

Film: FUJICHROME Velvia 50

Camera: terraPin Bijou 6X4.5 3D printed pinhole F/135


Breakfast, WPPD, Zeus Cafe, Portland


Breakfast, WPPD, Zeus Cafe, Portland


Early Morning Bridge Pinholing, WPPD


Portland from Saint Johns Bridge


Snoqualmie Falls


Snoqualmie Rail Museum, Detail U.S Plywood Corp. steam locomotive


Snoqualmie Rail Museum, U.S Plywood Corp. steam locomotive


Snoqualmie Rail Museum

Film: FUJICHROME Velvia 50

Camera: terraPin 6X9 3D printed pinhole F/174


Snoqualmie Rail Museum


Railroad Artifacts


Railroad Station, North Bend, WA


Named after Cecil Rhodes

Click Here for the official PDX – GitTogether WPPD 2015 submission page.

Barcelona, Spain in 2016! #CUinBCN


These rolls were processed and scanned by Moon Photo in Seattle; all images are as scanned without alteration.  More photos from this and my other 52Rolls can be found HERE.

5 thoughts on “Rolls 27-29: Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Before and After

  1. I have a great admiration for your pinhole photography. It inspired me to get out with my instant film pinhole again, though the results are much less satisfactory than these. It does concentrate the mind back to the basics of photography and that never hurts, regardless of the quality of the result.


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