Week 18b – Brianna – Arista EDU 400

via Year of Film – UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography http://ift.tt/1RDTVqh

Oh magic hour. What a beautiful thing you are. And yet why don’t I use you more?

Granted most of this roll was shot on a time crunch, I hadn’t fully explored this area before heading over to shoot with Brianna. But I don’t think that I did too bad with what I had to work with. The only thing I would change about this setup is that I was trying to go with more of a silhouette on the photos of her standing with her back to me, but instead I metered “properly” for a correctly exposed image. So I guess worse things could have happened.

All in all I am very happy with how things turned out, and can’t wait to work with Bri again.

Development Notes:
1:100 Dilution Rodinal
Stand Developed at “Room Temperature” 60 minutes, 30 seconds of agitation at start.
Standard Fix – 4:00. Agitation for 5 seconds every 30 seconds.

Week 18b002.jpg

Week 18b001.jpg

Week 18b003.jpg

Week 18b004.jpg

Week 18b005.jpg

Week 18b006.jpg

Week 18b007.jpg

Week 18b008.jpg

Week 18b009.jpg

Week 18b010.jpg

Week 18b011.jpg

Week 18b012.jpg

Week 18b014.jpg

Week 18b013.jpg

Week 18b015.jpg

Week 18b016.jpg

Week 18b015.jpg

Week 18b016.jpg

Week 18b017.jpg

Week 18b019.jpg

Week 18b020.jpg

Week 18b021.jpg

Week 18b022.jpg

Week 18b024.jpg

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