On The Road Again


Sandspit Airport, Haida Gwaii

This is my roll 29 shot on an Olympus mjuII with expired Fuji Superia X-TRA 400. This roll lingered in the camera for a while, so it overlaps with some of the others I have already posted – it is impossible to keep a sequence when using more than one camera! Some of the shots from this roll, not shown here, have appeared on my blog here, here and here if you are interested.

This camera does do a good job, even if it still feels too automatic. As for shooting out a plane window – forget it. Still, I think this camera is going in the field with me again, it is small and thus more likely to travel in a pocket or pack.

I have been away a fair bit and otherwise dealing with deadlines when at home which is why my posting, and commenting, has slowed down. Scanning and posting time are in short supply right now. Tomorrow I am on the road again for another 7 weeks, with only 3 days at home in early September. I will try to shoot a roll of film a week (or 7 rolls in any case), during that time but it is extremely unlikely I will be able to post again until near the end of September. For the August project I have internet access, so should see you around these parts from time to time.


Lemon with Chair and Bin





Awning Revisit





 Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows once in the gallery.


The film is Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, commercially processed, scanned with Epson V700 and Epson Scan software, edited in Lightroom.




8 thoughts on “On The Road Again

    • Thanks Torsten. Thanks for the comparison with Eggleston. My photography education is non-existent and yours is the first mention of Eggleston I have encountered. Very pleased to know of his work – thanks!


        • I am only able to have short browses as I am on a field satellite connection for the next month, but what I did see means for sure I will be having a proper browse when properly back on the grid.

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            • If only! British Columbia is a very large place with only thin strands of cell phone and other grid coverage along major roads and around cities and towns.

              I am currently in an area along minor roads with no concentrated settlements, no cell coverage, and no cable internet. Very lucky to be working for a research organisation that has set up a field station with with good communications.

              In September I will be working in a national park with no communications except emergency contact by radio to the coast guard. Perhaps that sounds much more mysterious.


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