Rolls 33 and 34: Medium Format Shoot Out!

Two cameras, two films, notes where amusing, or pertinent (but never both)


Camera: Minolta Autocord MXS-2 TLR


My buddy Ervo. We went through Medic school together – a long and challenging year.


Either a Scandinavian post box or a subtle saturation test shot.


SSS  Vermilion Water Vipers are at epidemic populations in Seattle! Provoked by construction and bearded douche-baggery.


Cedars? Arbor Vitae? Cypress?  I dunno.


a ‘nuther fuckin snake…

Film:  Kodak Ektar 100 negative film

Camera: Holga 120N Plastique Chinois


This is Bonnie AKA Bongo, AKA the Scottie that ate Ballard.  She’s gone, and I started this roll in the Holga a year or more ago as I focused on my pinhole projects. I had absolutely no inkling that the end was neigh for wee Bongo when I made this shot.  She’s being typically tolerant of my bullshit, even with the flash. Miss you Bon-Bon.


This is P. She is married to my BFF Ervo. P is peachy, and pretty, and Portlandish. I love this portrait.


Timbo. This is not the first time I have photographed this handsome devil.


Brian. I rather like this one.


Snakes. More fuckin snakes. Vermilion Water Vipers. #VWV #dontgitbit

These rolls were processed and scanned by Moon Photo in Seattle; all images are as scanned without alteration.  More photos from this and my other 52Rolls can be found HERE.

2 thoughts on “Rolls 33 and 34: Medium Format Shoot Out!

  1. Always love to see Autocord pictures. And a fun idea to compare it with a Holga – kind of shows you the spectrum of what you can expect with medium format. And man, those snakes are everywhere… I hope they’re not too dangerous.


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