Roll 41: Classic camera, classic lens, classic film

Film: FUJICHROME PROVIA 100F Professional [RDPIII]

Camera: Nikon FM, 50mm 1:1.8


Snake River, shot from the Oregon side, looking northeast at Idaho. We had just picked up our Scottie puppy and she needed some “exercise”. An hour later, I would get popped for driving faster than the idiotic rural Oregon speed limit of 65 MPH.

These were taken at the Oso Mudslide site, Oso WA. This was a SCOPES pinhole meetup.





95900034 Same SCOPES meetup, an abandoned and haunted mill site.

A madrona series, all taken on Orcas Island while scouting for pinhole subjects.

9590002795900018 95900014


Airedales at the Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Pancake Breakfast. I try to hit one every summer.

The Doe Bay Fest, Orcas Island, WA.



Yo realmente necesito un milagro Orcas Island, WA I rarely alter the scans of my photos, but I admit that I brightened this one up a bit.

These rolls were processed and scanned by Moon Photo in Seattle; all images are as scanned without alteration.  More photos from this and my other 52Rolls can be found HERE.

One thought on “Roll 41: Classic camera, classic lens, classic film

  1. Love these photos, especially the first one. Since you asked about your captioning issues in your next post, I am going to comment on your formatting here, as it might be related to captioning issues that I answered at the bottom of that post. Apologies if this is a bit forward of me.

    There are some odd things going on with your images here – I have noticed them on other posts too – amyjasek’s in particular. There are the sizing differences which might be deliberate, or might be WP playing games. But what does seem unintentional on your part is when I click on some images to see a larger version, it opens a different image or nothing happens – somehow the connecting URLs have become broken or replaced. I am guessing this happens when multiple images are inserted into your post during editing, all at once rather than one at a time. These can be fixed by finding the image URL through the media library copying it and then navigating to the post and opening the image for editing and pasting it into the relevant box. Or more easily, if you don’t have captions exclusively in the posted version, then delete the image and reinsert it.

    I too have tried to get images to post side by side and found it nearly impossible to do well. If you were trying to do this (rather than WP playing with you), then I have found the simplest solution is to insert a two-image gallery and then size them in the gallery controls. You can repeat this solution on the next line to arrange things as you like. Clicking on the image will open it in gallery mode, but that is OK. Depending on the kind of gallery display chosen, captions will either display under the image, or when your hover over it or open it in the gallery. And it is a much cleaner look if you pair images of the same orientation. Other ways with different kinds of wrapping and so on seem to have many unpredictable pratfalls and I gave up on them years ago.


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