Analogue Photography in Portland


Newspace Center for Phtography with Moni About two weeks ago my partner and I drove to Portland Oregon to give a talk, and for some down-time. As it turned out I did not shoot a lot of film there – this roll has Portland sandwiched between Port Angeles. Rather like a Reuben with Wonder bread*.

We took the ferry from Victoria across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Angeles, Washington and stayed the night there and then drove to Portland. That first evening and while waiting for the ferry on our return, I took a few pictures around town. The Port Angeles parts of this roll are published simultaneously in my blog post Beware of the Log .

While in Portland we were lucky enough to meet Monica Smith, known in many corners of the photography internet, often as Moni, or CraftyMoni. She blogs at Blatherskite and other places including, in 2014, here at 52 Rolls. I really like her photography and am especially taken with her pinhole work (see for instance here). And she is every bit as pleasant in person as she seems on the internet.

The day we arranged to visit, Moni was using the fantastic facilities at Portland’s Newspace Center for Photography so we met there and she gave us a tour. It is a fantastic resource, the kind that every city should have and sadly most don’t. Check out their website (link), it truly is a place that encourages and spreads the love for analogue photography. The photo above is of my partner and Moni in the gallery space which had a show of member’s work when we visited.

In the middle of the photo below is a picture that I was especially taken with. Just the day before I had taken a digital shot of that same light on the Coho Ferry. Sadly mine did not have a dog to make the picture. I don’t know the photographer’s name and nor does Moni as neither of us left with a catalogue, but it was certainly one of my favourites in the show. EDIT: In a comment below Tricia Hoffman informs me that “The artists responsible for the ferry photo is Dawn Kowalewski and the picture is aptly titled “The Traveler.”” Thanks Tricia!

Newspace Center for Photography

Newspace Center for PhotographyAfter looking around Newspace, we went along the street to Upper Left Roasters, where we all had tea. I heard it serves excellent coffee, but you will have to check it out for yourself, after you visit Newspace to see their latest show and take notes for setting up a similar facility in your part of the world.

Upper Left Roaster's chair

We had a very good visit in Portland, caught up with friends we rarely get to see, and admired the city for its setting, pedestrian and bike friendly infrastructure, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the nice people and great food not to mention the craft beer. It was a flying visit, but we will be back. And I am very likely to go, once again, to the Hair of the Dog brewery for another Little Dog Adam and delicious Reuben, on rye.


To see an enlarged version of any image in the gallery below, click on it and then navigate to others with the arrows or with swiping.

* – I have nothing against Port Angeles, having a long relationship dating back to work on the Olympic penisula in the late 70s. It’s just by comparison to Portland, it comes out a bit plain. Good place to take pictures though, and the Olympic Mountain National Park a short drive away is stupendous.


Olympus mjuii (Stylus Epic), Kodak TMY 400 commercially processed and scanned





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    • Hi Tricia – thank you so much for commenting with that missing information. I have edited the text to include your info. It was a real pleasure to see Newspace, very impressive. I love that door into the dark room – totally inspired!


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    More from my 52 Rolls project – this is the rest of the roll that I shot and posted early today, but in this case featuring Portland. Lots of photos here, so click on the link and have a look!


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