Haida Gwaii Landscapes



2015-7N-018 (22)

I recently posted a series of Haida Gwaii Seascapes taken during my boat based work in the south end of Haida Gwaii. These shots are from the north end taken during truck based work in the clear cuts around Masset Inlet, and a day off during that recent trip that I had to hang out with friends and visit North Beach which is east of Masset and Old Massett. All of these pictures are from North Beach in the areas of the Keyhole surfing location, and at Yakun, a small Haida settlement where a friend is about to renovate an incomplete structure on land he recently purchased. More from this roll, and this area, can be seen on my blog at North Beach, Haida Gwaii published simultaneously to this post.

I have been so lucky to have four trips to Haida Gwaii this year. For years I was on trip rations of one every 2 or 3 years so this year has been a real treat. Even better is that I have been from end to the other and seen all kinds of places that are old friends, as well as places I have not been to before.

This roll of film was an expired roll of 400 ISO colour negative film rebranded for a now out of business photography chain of stores (“Black’s”) – it came with a crappy little thrift store camera I bought last winter. I expect it is Fuji Superia as the negative edges look the same and most Canadian rebranding does seem to be of Fuji products. In any case, I shot it at 200ISO and it had quite serious colour shifts – heavily on the green when one would expect blues. For most of the shots I have converted to black and white as they work much better, and for some of the others I have done some colour corrections to the commercial scans. Had I scanned them myself (and I will be back to scanning soon) I suspect they would have come out closer to natural colours without the need of Lightroom intervention.

This is my 40th roll, but apparently it is week 46 of the year, so I am still catching up from my busy summer. Soon, I will there – there is more in my backlog and I got a new camera which has film in it and only shoots 8 shots on a roll of 120, so it should not be all that hard to get a few rolls made with that camera.

 2015-7N-018 (25)


The foreground twigs in the previous shot can be seen just above the cabin of the wreck in the one below.

2015-7N-018 (13)

2015-7N-018 (10)


To see an enlarged version of any image in the gallery below, click on it and then navigate to others with the arrows or with swiping.


Roll 40: Canon Elan 7N with 50/1.4 lens; Black’s 400ISO colour print film (Fuji Superia?), commercially developed and scanned.





7 thoughts on “Haida Gwaii Landscapes

  1. The monochrome works well, especially the last shot. I love that shot. But the included color one work well, too. Your subject matter is so striking it would be hard to get a bad shot.


    • Hi Ken – nice to see you over here. It was indeed a striking place, and the light was excellent which sure helped.

      I am sorry but I am not sure which “last shot” your refer too – I thoughtlessly set the gallery to ‘random’ and thus the order is never the same. I changed the gallery so that is not the case anymore.


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