Week 33 – Creepy/Cooky – Arista EDU 400

via Year of Film – UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography http://ift.tt/1MbIJf8

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! I probably should have mentioned that last week. Titan and I shot this set for Zivity based around a sort of Wednesday Adams vibe. I loved the setup, and the images that came off my digital camera (I’m currently trying to narrow down 82 photos to around 15). 

While shooting digital I wanted to make sure to fire off a roll of film as well. Because we were in a hurry, I didn’t exactly take my time as much as I should have. But at least I had a few nice shots on the roll. Hopefully it will be sooner than another 6 months before we are able to work together again. 

Week 33001.jpg

Week 33002.jpg

Week 33003.jpg

Week 33004.jpg

Week 33005.jpg

Week 33006.jpg

Week 33007.jpg

Week 33008.jpg

Week 33009.jpg

Week 33010.jpg

Week 33011.jpg

Week 33012.jpg

Week 33013.jpg

Week 33014.jpg

Week 33015.jpg

Week 33016.jpg

Week 33017.jpg

Week 33018.jpg

Week 33019.jpg

Week 33020.jpg

Week 33021.jpg

Week 33022.jpg

Week 33023.jpg

Week 33024.jpg

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