From the Ridiculous


Today I am posting some shots from a ridiculous camera, the Nishika N8000 which was designed for making lenticular prints, a kind of layered 3D print that gave a bit of depth to a photograph. The camera has four lenses that simultaneously create four half-frame images on 35mm film. The images are nearly identical but not quite as they are beside each other and thus have a very slightly different point of view. Printing is now hard to come by, and extremely expensive, so I have made some animated gifs instead, as well as present the groups of four images, as single images because that is how I think of them.

I liked the idea of four nearly identical images treated as a single one and is a main reason I bought the camera. These tests show that a more graphic subject works quite well. Also, the vignetting helps the effect, at least in black and white.

It is clear from the examples below that there needs to be a subject in the near foreground for the 3D effect to really work. The one of the signs, which I like the most as a group of four is no good as a gif.

If you are interested in this camera then check out the companion post at my blog called An Atrocity, AKA The Nishika N8000 3-D which has way more technical detail than the average person anyone would care to know, as well as a few more samples from this test roll along with some more gifs. I doubt I will put another roll through the camera – it is a lot of work and the results are not so stunning as to want to do it again. Still, it was a fun experiment. I hope you have enjoyed it too!
















To see an enlarged version of any image in the gallery below, click on it and then navigate to others with the arrows or with swiping.


Roll 42: Nishika N8000 3D,Ilford Delta 100, commercially developed, scanned with Epson V700, Gifs made in GIMP2.






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