Week #31 (2014) – Rangefinding

I love rangefinders.  Small but capable cameras, manual focus with some help from the viewfinder.  The best ones have large and clear viewfinders that show a little bit “outside” of the frame.  So when I found this Olympus XA on a fleamarket I couldn’t resist.

However it has since then developed a problem (the shutter sticks every first shot in a series).  It works fine for the second and subsequent shots but the first one always result in a long exposure… not really useful then.

Anyway here are a few pictures that I could rescue from that roll.

3 thoughts on “Week #31 (2014) – Rangefinding

  1. The XAs are very nice cameras. I wonder if you can fix the sticky shutter. If it’s the release assembly, that might not be too difficult. Worth a try that’s for sure – I love my XA and XA2.


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