Spring turns to summer

Indolence tracks its weary feet into long hot languid days to find its natural repose in the shade.

Flowers shrivel, and bush undergrowth starts to dry after a few scorching days. Moisture quickly disappears, and if the heat continues, soon the forest will look parched.

Summer means spring days spent looking for wildflowers have come to an end. Soon it will be hot almost every day, and the risk of fires, makes it too dangerous to stray far into the bush.

Nov 2015 Bugong 045F1 Shanghai100 Xtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160) 2

Spring turns to summer

As spring turns to summer, I visit a favourite tree on the Bugong plateau, which seems to stands at a portal not just to the wilderness, but other times and places.

I look forward to cooler months to spend a few moments here again under the arch looking yonder .

Nov 2015 Bugong 045F1 Shanghai100 Xtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160) 1


Photos taken with Chamonix 045F1 view camera, Skink 0.4mm f.214 pinhole in Copal #0 shutter, Shanghai 100 film, and developed inXtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160).

9 thoughts on “Spring turns to summer

  1. These look very much like the backdrop for story book artwork for some reason. They also remind me of early Disney movies. Myabe its the contrast that makes the trees look like drawings placed over a cloud backdrop.

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