Transatlantic pinhole swap!

I was invited to participate in The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Swap by Moni.   Here it is on Facebook as well.

The idea is that one person shoots a roll of pinhole using a camera designed and 3D printed by Todd, then they ship it to the next person, who double exposes the roll.   Then that 2nd person shoots a roll with the camera, rewinds or reloads it back to the first exposure, and ships the camera to the next person on the list.

I got the roll from Alex, in Norwich, England, double exposed his roll, and shot my own, which I’ll now ship to Jesus in Spain.

I took the camera to the Seattle Public Library.

Here are the best shots from the roll:


There were some small architectural models on one floor of the library, which mixed nicely with actual size architecture that Alex had shot.


Enter a caption


The darker parts are from me.  The upper skyline is from Alex.


I shot the inside rows of books.  Alex shot the street scene.



This is the one non-library one.  I taped a small tripod to a lazy susan at a dim sum restaurant.


It was a fun project, and I’m really looking forward to Jesus’s double exposures.   I shot a roll of Lomo Purple film, so it ought to be super interesting.


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