Week 37 – Grinder – HP5+ (+2 Stops to 1600)

via Year of Film – UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography http://ift.tt/1UcFsiL

Stevhan is not a stranger to this blog, however not exactly in the way you would expect. His basement was used a few weeks ago for the shoot I did with Finite Automata. He is an interesting fellow, and I don’t exactly remember how we actually met. But that doesn’t matter.

When he contacted me through my weekly call to action on Instagram and said he wanted to do something with fire. I’d be lying if I both wasn’t A) a little scared, and B) seriously intrigued. So I made sure I cleared time in my schedule to shoot.

Sadly for you there isn’t any of the fireball photos in this batch, I shot all of those digital (and posted them to my news blog a few weeks ago; by the time this goes live). However I did get some of his grider act on film. And for shooting in almost pitch darkness except for a modeling light for focus, I’m happy to have captured anything at all. 

Development Notes:
Stand Developed 1 Hour
Rodinal  1:100 Dilution
Standard Fix 4 Minutes
Levels adjusted in Lightroom

Week 37001.jpg

Week 37002.jpg

Week 37003.jpg

Week 37004.jpg

Week 37005.jpg

Week 37006.jpg

Week 37007.jpg

Week 37008.jpg

Week 37009.jpg

Week 37010.jpg

Week 37011.jpg

Week 37012.jpg

Week 37013.jpg

Week 37014.jpg

Week 37015.jpg

Week 37016.jpg

Week 37017.jpg

Week 37018.jpg

Week 37019.jpg

Week 37020.jpg

Week 37021.jpg

Week 37022.jpg

Week 37023.jpg

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