Week 38 – Miss K – Fujicolor 200

via Year of Film – UNDEREXPOSED: Alternative Photography http://ift.tt/1IYBdGg

So here we go. Week 50(51?)(officially). This year has been a trip. Based on my notifications this should be the last roll for the project here for 2015. Removing the mystery roll post from a few weeks ago, and that one time I scanned my gameboy. This makes up all of the entries for this year. Next week I’ll be doing a roundup of some of my favorite images, just in case you haven’t been following the whole time.

“Miss K” and I have been friends since very shortly since I moved to Atlanta back in 2010. She has always been a bit of an enigma (and likes to keep it that way). However it was decided that she and I HAD to work together before the project ended. Fitting that she would be the last. 

We had a lot of fun shooting this during a very late night at my studio. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

Development Notes:
Unicolor C41 Kit
Standard Processing
Slight Editing in Lightroom Post Scan

Week 38001.jpg

Week 38002.jpg

Week 38003.jpg

Week 38004.jpg

Week 38005.jpg

Week 38006.jpg

Week 38007.jpg

Week 38008.jpg

Week 38009.jpg

Week 38010.jpg

Week 38011.jpg

Week 38012.jpg

Week 38013.jpg

Week 38014.jpg

Week 38015.jpg

Week 38016.jpg

Week 38017.jpg

Week 38018.jpg

Week 38019.jpg

Week 38020.jpg

Week 38021.jpg

Week 38022.jpg

Week 38023.jpg

Week 38024.jpg

Week 38025.jpg

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