[raulpc] week 0 – Introduction


First of all, a big thanks to Urban Hafner for accepting me into the challenge 2016.
I usually burn some kind of film every week, just would have to be more thoughtful if some decent result are to be shown here. I go from 35mm up to 8×10, with a stretch into Lomography and Pinholes… paper negatives sometimes… alternatives processes… I develop all my b&w negatives and enlarge home up to 4×5… on 8×10 I do contact prints!

My present camera love goes to a 6×17 camera I built myself, that was thrill!

I consider myself a professional amateur photographer, but makes a living as a visual arts teacher in Lisbon, Portugal, having been trained once as an architect! Life goes on…



7 thoughts on “[raulpc] week 0 – Introduction

  1. Glad to have you on board Raul! And good to know that you’re a darkroom user as well. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of good input for my 2016 project (contact prints of 4×5 pinhole images).


  2. Great to have you on board. I look forward to seeing your thoughtful pictures.
    Having built a few pinhole cameras up to 4×5 I look forward to seeing the results of your 6×17 hand built camera. Was it easy to construct? What lens have you used. If you could review it in one of your posts and give guidance on how to construct such cameras that would be great.
    Take care and enjoy the next years photography 🙂


    • Thank you! About my 6×17, it was somehow easy to construct, the most sensible part was to figure out flange distance with precision, and make it focused to an hyperfocal set… I made it for a 90mm Rodenstock, good for 5×7 format, with just a little smart vignetting! I could sure make a post on how I built it if that is allowed in here…! 🙂


  3. Hi Raul, I’d love to hear about how you made that camera too. There are such how-to posts around here, so I am sure it is allowed. I have been drooling over a Fuji 6×17 for sale locally, but just cannot afford it. It would be interesting to have some ideas for making one.
    Very nice portrait too!


    • Hi Ehpem
      Will sure explain how I made, my pleasure. It was exactly because I could not afford a real one like the Fuji that made me build one!
      And thanks, the portrait was a LF selfie… 😉

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