Week 0 – Emily Introduction

Hello, my name is Emily and I saw the call for participants in 52 Rolls 2016 Project on the Emulsive Twitter feed, where I was taking part in the Secret Santa.

I will be shooting HP5 on a Holga for this project, I am also going to use this as a 365, with mini projects inside of it. I want to learn how to use a Holga properly, I also want to see what I can do with HP5. I will upload all shoots (bad or awful) apart from the serious dud’s, e.g., didn’t come out, utter mush, etc. I will develop the photos, at home, on Sundays, where possible, and upload them on Mondays.

I am looking froward to this project and challenge. Many thanks for the opportunity to take part.

Emily (eek!)

6 thoughts on “Week 0 – Emily Introduction

  1. Hi Emily, looking forward to this year like you. HP5 is an excellent film to use with a Holga. From my experience it is happy to be pushed up to ISO1600 if you need to with compensation development you can still have fine grain unless you want big grain for the shot. I haven’t used a Holga but have used HP5 in my pinholes so you should get some great shots and not many duds πŸ™‚


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