52Rolls – Peter Karnig – Film Fotografi 2016

Thanks to Urban Hafner for inviting me to participate in 52rolls in 2016. I will start publishing in the new year (2016) and will post one photographic image for every week of the year.

I shoot only film and usually use either Ilford HP5 or Kodak Tri-X. I develop in Rodinal. I make contact sheets and use them to decide what i want to print. I usually print on Ilford fiber paper. I do all of my own darkroom work in my own darkroom using either a Beseler 45 or Omega D2 for enlargements. Currently I use an old Canon EOS 5D to shoot digital images of the silver gelatin prints that I make in order to have a digital copy to post on line.

For my film fotografi, I have been using a Leica M2, a Mamiya 7 and Hasselblad 500. I may add more cameras during the course of the year.

My plan is to post one photograph per week. I will pick the one that I think is the best one shot that week. Due to time constraint, I may end up posting photographs later than the current week. However, all of the 52 images will be posted in chronological order throughout the year.

Thanks again for adding me to the group and I am excited to share my work with everyone here. Please feel to make comments  or suggestions.

Peter Karnig

Oceanside, Oregon 97134

4 thoughts on “52Rolls – Peter Karnig – Film Fotografi 2016

    • good to hear. if you need help or advice, hit me up. i taught photography at CalArts in Valencia in the 70s, produced commercial work for JWalterThompson at the same time and shot numerous album covers, magazine articles for the likes of Rolling Stone, New York, Coast and West.

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  1. Hi Peter, great to have another Pacific Northwester on 52 Rolls – there seem to be quite a few from WA and OR, though I am the only one in BC, that I have noticed.


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