Week 0, 2016 – AndaM [Intro]

Anda_Marcu_ (Daylight)

Hello! I came across 52 rolls through Emulsive’s Twitter feed and I am really excited to join this project. Thank you, Urban Hafner, for the invite!

I am a visual artist currently living in SW Ontario, Canada and I am fascinated by the exploration of light and colours. I am also fascinated by the intimate and delicate relationship light and film share, and also treasure the serendipity of toy cameras and plastic lenses.
I cannot wait to start on my 52 rolls journey – my first few weeks will probably be all Svema film.
The 52 rolls will complement nicely my other film plans for 2016 – two film photography solo exhibitions (“Trapped. On Film” late February-March and “Serious Play – Smena and Friends” later in the year) among others.
Looking forward to sharing my work and to seeing everyone else’s posts!

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