Week 0 – Andy Martin [Introduction]

Hello! Another who was introduced to this excellent site/concept by Emulsive’s Twitter feed, I’m based up in the cold dark corner of North East England known as Sunderland, although I do like to escape where possible… šŸ˜‰

Pretty much shoot film exclusively for personal projects, since I took up photography properly, 12 years or so ago. Right from your normal 35mm, up to 5×4, as well as being pretty handy with the Wet Collodion process – see The Silver Sunbeam so expect a mix of various cameras, formats and chemical mixes across the year. Rather fond of night time photography, and extreme exposures, plenty of hometown examples here if you want a look… This is Sunderland

I definitely shoot more than is required for the 52 rolls on average already, however, I defrosted the film fridge over Christmas, and was alarmed at just how much film I had stashed, particularly slide film. So, hoping to get through a lot more of that this year, I used to exlcusively shoot on transparency, then dabbled in print film, got a bit lazy, and it’s a lot less used by me these days. Coupled with my local lab (who are excellent) talking of winding down their E6 operation in the next couple of years, time is of the essence to get through as much of this as possible. Don’t want to limit myself to one camera/film as I think that’ll end up with me not completing the year…

Here’s about half of the film stash:

Film Fridge Contents - Andy Martin [martintype.co.uk]

Think that’s all really, looking forward to challenging myself a bit differently and looking forward to seeing everyone else’s work!

Andy Martin - Cat Tintype [silversunbeam.co.uk]

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