Week 0 – Introduction by Sandeep

Hello all, this is my first time trying a project like this. I think it is a great idea and a great way to get out and shoot more.

I am a keen amateur photographer using both digital and film, but found more and more that I enjoyed shooting film.  Currently I use an Olympus OM1 and thus shoot 35mm exclusively.

However for this project I thought I should do something that pushes me a bit more. As part of the Emulsive Secret Santa I was gifted a Holga 120 camera.

I have never used a Holga camera or indeed ever shot medium format film, thus for my project it will be exclusively shots taken on the Holga, so I hope you will Join me on my journey of learning and experience and let’s see what I can learn over the year!

Did I mention the Holga also glows in the dark!



12 thoughts on “Week 0 – Introduction by Sandeep

  1. Hi Sandeep! Good luck with the Holga. It was a Holga that really got me hooked on film photography but I’ve long since passed it on for someone else to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing what comes up from you.


  2. Great to have you on board Sandeep! That Holga can really produce stunning results or complete duds depending on how you look at it. 😉 But it will definitely change how you shoot.


  3. Wow Sandeep, talk about jumping in the deep end. I am looking forward to your results, it will be really interesting. Maybe your images will glow in the dark too – that would be cool!

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