Week 0: Urban Hafner [Introduction]

IMG_1973Hello there! Although it’s technically already week 1 since a few days, using the “Week 0” moniker seems to be the current “code” for the introductory posts. So I guess I’ll have to get over my urge to use what everyone else uses. 😉

Anyway … my plan for 2016 is quite a big one. I’ll plan to shoot at least one sheet of B/W 4×5 in my Wanderlust Travelwide with the included pinhole camera, develop it, and make contact prints. This is quite a big step for me as this will be my first foray into large format and the first time in maybe 15 years that I’m making “real” prints.

On the image above you can see my setup in my almost finished home darkroom. The Travelwide on the left, a set of Analogbook large format and darkroom notebooks, a box of Wephota NP15, a box of expired Fortepan 200, 6 DDS, a box of Ilford MGIV RC paper, development trays, and various chemicals in the background (Rodinal, Rollei RPN, wetting agent, …). What you can’t see is the 7W lightbulb hanging from the ceiling that I’ll use as my light source. Some day I’ll show off the coconut milk lamp shade, but first I’ll have to DIY (probably out of  cardboard and gaffer tape) a holder for the contrast filters. 😉

Oh, and because this isn’t difficult enough I’ve also started a 365 project in December … So maybe some weeks I’ll have to cheat and do a crossover of the two projects to keep them going!

8 thoughts on “Week 0: Urban Hafner [Introduction]

  1. Urban, like you with my GS-1 I have been looking at ‘proper’ 4×5 cameras to supplement my home built pinholes so please let me know how you get on with the Wanderlust Travelwide as it is on my short list of affordable 5×4 cameras. Thanks PDU

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    • As I currently don’t have the funds for a proper lens I thought I’d give pinhole photography a proper try. After 6 months to a year I should know if it’s something for me.


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