Week 0: Donald Stark

I seem to be getting a late start with this. Still getting over a cold.

First of all I want to thank Urban Hafner for accepting me into the 52 rolls challenge for 2016. I discovered this endeavor through my wife who saw it on Emulsive’s Twitter feed.

Although I’ve been practicing photography since the mid 70’s, this is the first time I’ve participated in any kind of photo challenge.

I shoot both film and digital. I shoot digital because my favorite transparency films no longer exist. I shoot film (specifically medium format) because I prefer the look of B&W film to converted digital files. There is another reason I hold on to film. I love the alchemy of film. I spend every day at work in front of a computer and I don’t look forward to spending more time editing my photos there as well. After all of these years the thought of going back into the darkroom to create is still exciting.


My plan for the challenge is to each week shoot at least four images with my Wanderlust Travelwide 4×5 camera. For the gear heads I’ve added a 90mm Super Angulan f/8 with a copal number 0 shutter to it. I plan to start by using photographic paper to create paper negatives. I haven’t decided if I will scan those or try making contact prints. I have B&W and Velvia sheet film to experiment with once I become more comfortable with the camera.

I expect to make a lot of mistakes, but that is part of learning.

Looking forward to the next 52 weeks!


11 thoughts on “Week 0: Donald Stark

  1. Like my comment to Urban please let us know what you think of the Travelwide as its on my shortlist for a proper 4×5 camera to use instead of my homemade pinholes. A post on pro’s and con’s would be appreciated

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    • I’ll have to give the pinhole a try. The camera is well balanced with the pinhole attachment. You don’t have to worry about focus, so mechanically it should be perfect. Will have to try one to see if I like the effect with this setup.

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    • Used the Travelwide today. Very nice. Ground glass isn’t ideal, but if you’re using it as a pinhole that shouldn’t matter. Have you considered the Ilford Obscura as a 4×5 pinhole? ONDU also has a 4×5 pinhole. I’ve got their 120 pinhole. Had some problems with the film scraping on the interior partitions. Th second Kickstarter redesign should fix some of that.


      • I have built my own 4×5 pinhole just waiting for the DD slides to arrive and I have a multi format ONDU on order from the second Kickstarter project which is taking longer to arrive than expected. It’s a proper 4×5 camera with lens that I am looking for without the complecation or price tag of a Linhof, Toyo, Wista etc even second hand so the Travelwise seems to fit this bill


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