Week 0 – Late Already

Hey folks, another beginner here. 

I’m from Leicester in the UK and have followed a few people in the last couple of years as they’ve done some great work as part of 52rolls. I’ve shot analogue for many years and have gathered a collection of cameras from a pre-war Agfa through to a Canon EOS5, via a Texas Leica, Bronica, Polaroid portrait camera, a beautiful Nikon F and a pile of Lomo/toy cameras. I intend using any and all of these during the challenge and will mix it up as the mood takes me. I process black and white at home and even have an old Russian briefcase enlarger that might get a run out in the next 52 weeks.

To give an idea of the size of the challenge for me, I shot perhaps 10 rolls last year (although it was an unusually busy year with the birth of our daughter, so photography took a back seat, apart from the requisite baby snaps). I still shoot a lot of digital when I can though – long exposures and architecture for the most part. 

I work long, factory hours and ride a bike to work and back. That usually means that for several months of the year, I see little daylight, hence the amount of night time work you’ll find in my Flickr stream. While we’re on the links, my personal blog is here and my Instagram feed over here

My wife is Polish and so I spend most of my holidays in Poland visiting her family. I find that there’s an awful lot to photograph in Poland, and the film’s cheap, so they’ll be the easier weeks.

I thinks that’s about it for now. I’m currently in Poland and the first rolls are safely shot and ready for processing when I get home in a couple of days. Good luck to all and enjoy the ride. 

41 thoughts on “Week 0 – Late Already

  1. Great photograph, congrats! As far as I know, the polish photographers like Albert Finch and their models rock the medium format groups with their sleeky portraits. They have a distinct style, especially when shooting in color, which I often like.
    It’s great that you take your chance even though you must be very busy. Look forward to your results!

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  2. The print you are holding looks excellent to me. I am looking forward to seeing your Poland shots as it is one country I have never visited but members of my family have been and say it is a great place to stay and explore.

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