Week 1: OMG What have I got myself into!

If you recall my project is to use a Holga 120 and medium format film, two things I have never used before.

Due to severe man flu I am already running behind, but not one to be defeated today was the day to start.

First I had to learn how to load the film, this took a few attempts and getting that f******g first bit of paper to stay on the empty spool whilst I was trying to wind it was not fun.

Next, now I don’t know about you but once you put the back on its not really easy to see through the dark red window but with a bit of squinting and a bright torch (just kidding) I finally saw the magical number 1.  Now I’m hoping it’s ok that the numbers were upside down?

Back placed on the camera I have chosen for the first few rolls not to tape the camera up, bring on the light leaks, I mean character.  I sense this will change pretty quickly.

My subject matter was my ever obedient dog lit up by a Lumie light my good wife got me for Christmas and a couple shots of the kids.  I think the first shot is likely to be a double exposure as pressing the shutter just felt too easy and quick, so I did what any normal person does and pressed it again to be sure, hmmm

12 shots later, yep that’s right 12, I’m used to 36 and this was like joy, I’m finished no fillers at the end, no two weeks to finish a roll, this I could get used too.

so look out next week for the results as the film is shortly on the way to the lab, but please please don’t expect too much


8 thoughts on “Week 1: OMG What have I got myself into!

  1. For me, medium format is a bit ‘odd’ coming from only shooing 135 (35mm) growing up. But you get the hang of it. My sometimes struggle is loading the film on the development reel. I might get some metal reels/tank for this year since I found those easier to load for 120.


    • Thanks for the advice, at this stage I don’t have the time or space to develop myself, but hopefully will in the future


  2. developing film at home is easy once you get the right gear. i recommend good quality stainless tanks for either 135 or 120 are best and the same goes for the reels. good brands to look for are kindermann, hewes, nikor. they are pretty affordable used on eBay etc. for black and white, rodinal developer is super long lived and easy to work with.i am happy to answer more questions if needed

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    • Thank you for the offer, right now with work, commuting and family, developing takes a back seat, but one day…….


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