Week 1: Roll 1- Hasselblad 500C/Agfapan APX 100

This week, I went and explored Southampton a little bit more and shot some film there for the first time. I love the little towns the Northeast has (the midwest too) that Florida didn’t have.

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Old Churches in Old Towns= LOVE

For this week, I wanted to use a roll I had already loaded in the Hasselblad, but hadn’t finished. I accidentally metered the roll at 200, so I compensated for it during development time.

This roll was developed in Rodinal, which at this moment is my go to developer, at 1:50 dilution for 21:30. I think it’s almost time to get some new developer and this year I want to branch out and experiment more with other developers. (yes, I’m super nervous about that -_-)

I’d love to hear everyone’s recommendations for their favorite developers. At the moment, I have several rolls of Arista 400 B&W to use, and Adox 25 that I will be using for the 52 Rolls project. I’ll also get rolls of TMAX 100 and 400 and probably try some new black and white this year as well 🙂

So, here’s Week 1: Roll 1–

and be sure to follow along on the album on Flickr to see as I post each week’s roll to the 52 Rolls Album 🙂




23 thoughts on “Week 1: Roll 1- Hasselblad 500C/Agfapan APX 100

    • I know! You really can’t! I have the bottle I’ve had for almost a year and I’ve gotten countless rolls out of it. I can’t even tell you how many. I love to do semi-stand with it. I have a roll of Pan F that I was actually just talking about on Twitter with some other photographers and it turned out beautiful in Rodinal 1:150.


    • And thank you for the compliment 🙂 I got excited talking about Rodinal and forgot to say that first off 🙂


    • Thanks! I try not to waste shots especially on medium format since there’s only 12 😉 but one of my rolls this year will be a 220! That will be shot on my Mamiya C220 though. Excited about that 🙂 I do love the results that Rodinal has given me and I’ve used it on everything from expired Panatomic X to Tri-X and Adox 25 and lots others.

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      • Cool! I’m always wondering if I should try 220… it seems like it would just set me up to shoot medium format like I shoot 36 because there’s so many more frames available. I wonder if the ratio of “meh” images would increase if I did…


        • I was actually just talking to a friend about 220 film. My roll is color so I won’t have to worry so much, but he said that 220 can be a pain in the butt because of how long it is compared to a regular roll of 120 and the negatives getting caught in the developing reel. I had never thought of that. If you can get your hands on some for relatively cheap to try I think it would be fun! Do you shoot a lot of medium format?


  1. I have used the following developers – Rodinal, Fotospeed FD10, ID-11, D76, Ilfosol 3, and currently “Firstcall Black & White Developer” which is rebranded Rollei RHS-DC74. To be honest, I see very little difference in results from the different developers and see trying different ones as too distracting.

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    • Thank you for the input 🙂 I am mostly considering maybe one or two others. But Rodinal has been my favorite and go to for almost a year now.


  2. Nice set! I especially like the shot of grasses and water.

    I have never seen a Hasselblad in the flesh, let alone held one. They do look like beautiful instruments. Maybe one day I will find one in an odds and ends bin at a yard sale!

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    • You and me both! This Hasselblad actually belongs to a friend of mine 🙂 so we might be fighting over that odds and ends bin 😉

      Its so crazy how different people like different things. I actually wasn’t a fan of the water/grass shot because the black and white didn’t convey the fog and mist the way I was hoping it would but I’m glad you like it!

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      • Looks like you would be making better use of the odds and ends bin find than I would, so I might just defer to your elbows, and ask nicely if I could borrow it sometime.
        I find that happens with my photos quite often – I don’t capture exactly what I hoped to, but other people really like the shot. It makes me ask what was it that attracted me to take the photo in the first place and would it have been any better had I caught what I thought was attracting me.


    • Thanks! I try not to waste film but we’ll see how next week goes 🙂 I’m going to be pushing the limits of some film. Not sure how it will respond.

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