Week 49: Winter times cont.

Still plugging away. The second to last image has some kind of weird banding thing going on, I think it’s due to the scanner and the ultra-curly, ultra-annoying Tri-X not playing nice.

You cannot beat Tri-X and D-76 though. I love it. These were all shot at 800 ISO.


5 thoughts on “Week 49: Winter times cont.

  1. Nice to see you happy with Tri-X and D76 – my best results with Tri-X I get with the combination with Xtol 1:1 – that’s where I say you can’t beat this. Now I haven’t got Xtol but HC110 which is also fine (have to reduce all the stuff here), and currently I learn how to use Rodinal correctly, but there will be a time when I’ll be coming back to Xtol again. The downside: I have to produce a working solution of 1 gallon. But ISO 1600 and Xtol 1:1? Works fine and looks fabulous.

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