Week 2 – Ocean Colliery site – Blaengarw

Due to being back in work after the Christmas break today was the first chance I had to get some film into a camera and shoot.

The weather has been horrendous here in the South Wales valleys and my options were limited to where and what I was going to shoot so I stayed local and made the long walk up to the site of the old Ocean Colliery here in the Garw.

The rains were about to hit anytime soon but I managed to shoot a roll of Kodak T-Max 400 with the Bronica SQ-A and the 40mm.

I am only posting 6 images as I shot multiple compositions at different apertures.

The film was processed in ilfotec HC 1+31 dilution for 6.30 minutes 1st minute constant inversions then 2 every minute after.

Here are a few web links about the Colliery http://www.welshcoalmines.co.uk/GlamWest/Ocean.htm &  http://hellohistoria.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/ffaldau-garw-collieries.html

You can find more of my stuff at

https://usingfilm.wordpress.com/ and https://timdobbsphotography.wordpress.com/

and on Twitter as @timdobbsphoto

7 thoughts on “Week 2 – Ocean Colliery site – Blaengarw

  1. Very nice. You sure made the most of the flat light. I find that very encouraging because we have been having a lot of very similar weather here on Vancouver Island. I hope you didn’t get drenched on your way home.

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