Week 2 – Prints

I printed!  Keeping my promise to myself, I am printing what I *want* to print this year, not what I feel like I *need* to print for an art call.  I spent a couple of lovely hours in the darkroom and came out with these.

These are just iphone shots of them, because most are too big to fit on my scanner anyway, but hopefully you are able to get the idea.  The prints look much better in person : )

All prints from Kodak Tri-X 120 negatives (out of my Hasselblad 500cm), all on Ilford RC Glossy paper, developed in Dektol.

iphone 010416 522iphone 010416 523iphone 010416 521iphone 010416 525iphone 010416 520

17 thoughts on “Week 2 – Prints

  1. The selig with the tripod is a great one – especially because of the girl and her way to wait for the moment. Congratulations!


  2. Sorry, my device does correct everything into something in German automatically. So here is what I meant: ‘The selfie with the tripod is a great one!”

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  3. I came here to say that the selfie/mirrors shot was superb … 🙂 … as mentioned by everyone else!

    I’ve recently started printing my 6X6’s and the first few made me so proud!

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  4. Love this set of images. The mirror mirror one in particular. Very creative shot. Looking forward to my first session in the dark room at the end of the month. Keep up the great work.

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