Week 2: Stone Mountain & Fernbank

Living in Atlanta, Georgia USA with two young children we spend a lot of time in our local haunts; Stone Mountain Park and the Fernbank Museum.  This roll captures some time spent with my two daughters and their friends. The camera was a Nikon N90s using Ilford HP5 Plus 400 black and white film.

Stone Mountain

Week Two Scans  21.jpgWeek Two Scans 1.jpgWeek Two Scans 6.jpgWeek Two Scans  20.jpg

Fernbank Museum

Week Two Scans  11.jpgWeek Two Scans  15.jpgWeek Two Scans  29.jpgWeek Two Scans  33.jpgWeek Two Scans  23.jpgWeek Two Scans  24.jpg


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