Week 2 -Check the battery.

The primary reason for me to undertake this project was/is to get me off my back-side and use my camera collection.
For too long I noticed myself shooting less and less, becoming a photographic spectator.
With this in mind I knew there’d be mistakes made along the way as I rediscovered some muscle memory. Didn’t plan on it happen quite so soon though.
I bought a Bronica back last year but not spent much time with it.
So I dusted it off, loaded some expired Portra 160NC…….but failed to check the battery.
Shot the whole roll using sunny 16 @ 1/125sec, or thought I had.
The ETRSi will fire without a battery but only at 1/500sec so I underexposed the whole roll by 2 stops.  Luckily I noticed this before I sent it to the lab, so they pushed it for me.
Came out much as expected. Have a few expired rolls of various stock left in the fridge but have decided that once it’s gone then it’s fresh film from then on. Need to support the manufactures I guess.
Happy shooting…


17 thoughts on “Week 2 -Check the battery.

  1. I like the shadow/texture detail on the second-to-last photo of the lock on the door. It reminds me of an Ansel Adams bleached church photo with the texture, but with the color of the lock giving it a nice “pop”.

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  2. Same error as me! Went to shoot Week 1 with my GS-1 as requested by Urban. Started taking shots then realised shutter wasn’t operating only me manually using mirror lock up to advance the film?!?!?!? Then I really struggled to find a replacement 4LR44 battery in Sydney. Finally found one at the fifth photographic store which ended up being the best as it was a mine full of old film cameras, film, chemicals and not a digital camera in sight. It’s a good 90 minutes away from my house but I will certainly be returning regularly from now on 🙂 may even have to invest in a new old camera!

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  3. Once again I am regretting having sold my Bronica even though it was a beast to lug around. These turned out quite nicely. And isn’t it funny how that “last shot to finish the roll” sometimes turns out to be one of the nicest.

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