#2.2 [Pollux]: Know Your Gear


Too much gear in the studio means stress – this time I had a hard time switching from 400 to 100 ISO back and forth. I forgot about some details how to trigger the flash meter properly and so it was chimping time.

Woman With A Camera is a sujet I wanted to produce for a long time, and I was curious about the behaviour of some rolls with the flash. My planned lightning setup couldn’t be realized though, so it was time to get creative in a hurry. Jacks was patient enough and is a photographer herself. We exposed several films together – Shutter Release Party. I like these pictures because they have a feel of freedom and self conciousness. The work by Jeanloup Sieff shows  influences in some visual ideas.

The chosen film is an Adox CHS 100 II, which I’m not too enthusiastic about (maybe I shall give it a try another time with a different light situation). The developer was HC 110 in a 1+63 dilution. The negatives are scanned as I would print the frames with a hard gradation on Baryta. The camera: Hasselblad 500 C/M with a Zeiss Distagon 50mm.

So there are some tasks to solve for the next time like checking the light meter beforehand and so forth. But then again, my aims stated at the beginning (Launch Status Check) are fulfilled step by step. I am taking the gear out, I’m noticing what I’ve forgotten about (fixing the TMax longer, leaving the house without the much desired 24mm lens etc.), and I see what some films look like with flash. Thank you, 52rolls.

Pollux on 52rolls:

29 thoughts on “#2.2 [Pollux]: Know Your Gear

    • So I shall come back to CHS 100 II again. Originally, I wanted to move on and leave the bottle of Rodinal rot for a while until I have an excuse to dump it, because I’d like to use Xtol and TMax developer more often, but I’ve got to figure it out how people at times get such nice skin tones with TriX and Rodinal. Maybe it’s a yellow or orange filter used.


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