Week 2, Fujica GW690

The Texas Leica, a big beastie of a camera that makes a lot of noise.  In this case I also had a first time problem with this camera, where after taking a shot and advancing the film, the next shot would not fire.  I tried most everything I could, but ended up releasing the back (quickly) and advancing the film. As a result my normal 8 shots dropped down to 5 and 3/4.  I apparently also had some focusing issues.

This particular day the fog was quite dense and I was hoping to capture the essence of it on film (Arista EDU 100).  I think I sort of succeeded in a few of the shots, including my selected printable frame.  Development in Sprint 1+9, printed on Ilford MGIV RC paper developed in Dektol.

Contact Print

Contact Print

Bent Tree

Bent Tree

I added some scans to my own personal blog of a few of the other shots in this roll. I had some focusing issues that were not apparent when shooting, part of which might be because I shot wide-open at 3.5, which I’ve never done before with this camera.


7 thoughts on “Week 2, Fujica GW690

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  2. What can I say? I had one of those too. 😉 And I do love shooting in the fog as well. I’d love to check out the other images but I think you need to fix the link to your blog!


    • They take great shots and despite the size are not all that heavy. People see it though and get a little scared, so not quite like the CL for ‘street’ shots. nor the Yashica Mat.


  3. Like the bent tree. Being soft just adds to the atmosphere. Would like to see the one with the rock and trees in the back ground a little bigger.


    • Thanks! That one was just a bit past the end of the roll because of my shutter issues. It is close to a 6×6, so I might be able to print it, but did add scans on my blog.


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