Week 2: Holga, the mustard one…

Ah, week two.  Well, let’s just say I’m better prepared for week 3, but this was a bit of a landmark week for me as, after taking loads of advice, I developed my own film whilst the male things watched Star Wars.  Of course, the kids stormed the kitchen for snacks the moment the tricky develop/30 second stop/fix needed doing, but hey.  I have pictures.

For the purposes of 52 rolls, to make things extra difficult, I have a cunning plan.  For years I’ve worked for a website that started with the maxim of starting at your doorstep and working outwards (that’s you, Cathy C).  Of course, the philosophy has now changed but I’m darn well going to reclaim this idea, so that hopefully there will be some sort of aim to my 52 rolls plan, rather than wazzing away a lot of film and chemicals.  I will of course digress often, as the website did, to meet needs as they happened – but hopefully there will always be a few pictures that follow this path.

So, last week featured my inner sanctum – physically in the form of my front room.  I’m going to get all the way out to the back garden this week.  Get me.  This ties in with some very grumpy posts I’ve been adding to Instagram called Leicestershire: A difficult place to love.  Probably the least I say on this subject the better, but perhaps I’ll grow to like it a bit more over the next few weeks? Hmm.


I’m not going to list all the developing times (though I’ve had to give in and note them down on the film backing paper) but I am going to vaguely wonder what made my film mottled, as has happened before with a different film/developer.  It could be the mustard Holga I borrowed…but it’s most likely my general lack of care and attention that means that the cameras are kept in my office conservatory – not a room known for it’s temperate climate.  It is ICY right now.

I’m also going to give a little bit more thought to perhaps not getting the negatives covered in dust.  But then life is short and I probably don’t care that much.  Better to get on and get things done!

And a few leftovers from week 1, still hanging around, like festive stilton in the fridge.

Hunstanton, New Years Day


The traditional Xmas Eve walk

Right – the film for week 3 is loaded and I’ve let it go dark again.  Dammit.  I think that some learning how to light stuff is going to have to happen…

11 thoughts on “Week 2: Holga, the mustard one…

  1. I laughed my way through your post which, if you read my Week 2, is sooo similar. Developing process uncertain, film conditions inside camera less than optimal, dust on the scanned negatives……it’s all there. But that’s what happens when you are doing things at home. Anyway I’m eagerly awaiting your next adventure.

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  2. Love your attitude to developing film, I must try this approach instead of my navel gazing timed to the second surgical approach where still on occasion I get really bad results……go with the flow I’m not going to exhibit in the national gallery of whatever 😀😀😀😀

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    • I figured as much myself! I may have scraped some bits of emulsion off with my nails though. Praps I’ll cut them all off!


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