Week 2: umm well I did say it will be a long journey

Just to set the scene as I don’t develop my own film (time & space constraints) I am working a week in arrears so this is the result of last week’s roll and how I will work this going forward.

Film is Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400.

Now be gentle with me, it was my first try with the Holga and also medium format film.  Rookie mistake, as I was down with man flu, I shot indoors at night something I would not have done with 35mm unless I had the right film and lights.

The result is as to be expected, not a lot came out and those that did you may need to use your imagination a bit.  One is an iPhone shot to show what I was trying to achieve, the other is the best of what came out on the film, can you guess which is which? it is going  be an interesting road ahead, lots to learn and remember, but that is the point its a journey to learn and improve.   Next week see how I got on with colour slide film in the Holga!

P.s. Still don’t understand why the frame numbers are upside when looking through the red window


6 thoughts on “Week 2: umm well I did say it will be a long journey

  1. Oops. Light is already a problem for me (midday in the garden came out a little dark) and I think I might be coming down with something. We’ll muddle through somehow!


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