Week 3 – Holga time/pushing FP4 & darkroom fun

Week 3 already and its time for a bit of experimentation on my part.

I have had my Holga 120GN for ages and only ever shot it once with rubbish results so it has sat unloved in my camera drawer.

The problems I have with it are as I bought it cheap in a charity shop it is a pretty poor example of what is a essentially a toy.

It is missing the inserts for the different formats and not only does it leak big style the clip holding the door keeps coming off exposing the damn film.

That said its fun to use so I decided that was this weeks camera of choice along with some long expired ilford FP4.

By the time I got out to shoot the weather took a turn for the worse and as the Holga only does approx f8 @ 1/100 sec or something like that I knew that the images would be pretty under exposed so I pushed the development time said by the massive dev app to the equivalent of 400 iso ish and actually got some usable negs which scanned quite well and this afternoon I got into the darkroom and printed off a few also.

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14 thoughts on “Week 3 – Holga time/pushing FP4 & darkroom fun

  1. I’m using a Holga for all of my 52 rolls (and regretting it!) waiting to get back results of Provia 400 hoping it is going to be ok. These images are great especially considering the light

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  2. Some of these are really nice – quite moody. I love how you list all the reasons not to like or use the camera and then go ahead and do it! Excellent. I hated mine so much I gave it away after just one roll. I don’t really regret it but I’m glad to see others are more patient than me πŸ™‚


  3. What you’re describing (light leaks, general build quality, back falling off) are standard “features” of the Holga. πŸ˜‰ That’s why so many people tape up their Holgas. A fun camera nonetheless.

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  4. Awesome look! I do like the ‘toy camera’ look in certain situations and FP4 and Delta 100 are both excellent films to use in these cameras imho!

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