52 Rolls Week 2:52

Our First walk along Coal Creek Open Space in Boulder County, Colorado:


Camera: Holga 120S, Film: T-MAX 400

My Strategy for the project is to use a variety of film types, although I usually shoot ISO 400 film in my Holgas.  I am also, in general shooting two exposures of each scene, so most of the time I will only have 6 discrete images to post.  Also, I’ve decided to cheat a little bit and shoot two cameras the 120S and 120N, and overlap my rolls by 3-4 days to get a bit ahead and make up for times when I may not be able to complete one roll in a week.  And one last disclaimer when I don’t have time to develop the film, I’m sending B&W to Ilford Labs USA and always sending Color Film to Old School Photo Pabs

7 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 2:52

  1. Holga was my first medium format camera which I was introduced to in an Experimental Photography Class in Monterey, California. Monterey Peninsula College had a fabulous Film Photography Program. I hope they still do? My Holgas been a bit neglected since I moved on to Mamiya (645, 6X6, 6X7), so I decided to make a commitment to use them for this project. The more you shoot the better the results. I have actually some great images that I have printed from the time when I was shooting a lot. And for Pinhole Day I will post images from my Holga Pinhole. Just to change things up a bit.

    And thanks for the note regarding featured images. I think my husband also tried to point that out to me.


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