Week 3: Quiet snow [Disco Foxtrot]

We had our first snow of the season this weekend so I rushed out to one of my favorite spots while the light was still good and before the snow began to melt or get trampled. It was a very quiet place Sunday morning, with only a few footprints to be seen. I had one image in my mind that I knew I had to make and worked that shot, but happened on a couple of other scenes on the way.

I’ve bitten the bullet and switched from HC-110 to XTOL 1:1 after using HC-110 for about a year. I’ve never been happy with HC-110 because I get consistently slow personal film speeds (1.0-1.5 stops slower than box speed); I’m hoping that XTOL’s reputation as a fast developer holds up in my hands.

I haven’t calibrated my “perfect proof” for this combination yet, so while it is possible that the majority of the shots on this roll of Tri-X aren’t underexposed, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

Week 3 contact

The shot I was trying to get was the metal statue of the woman in front of the cross, which I’ve photographed before, but with fresh snow contrasting the dark metal. I went with frame #8 because the composition was tight enough but not too tight for my eyes. (I was lucky because with my current enlarger I can’t access the middle shots on a strip of four.)

Week 3 print 2

I blew out the highlights in the foliage in the background trying to get texture in the statue; this was a high-key scene and I’m not calibrated to drop the metal on Zone II or III yet and still place the snow on VII and still get texture. But I was able to get some texture of the snow in the print that didn’t come out in the scan.

This second image is the monument of the artist Carl Keil, who worked in bronze and died in 1889.

Week 3 print 1The snow transforms these monuments, and the low morning sun we get in Germany makes for great light. I also shot a roll of 35 mm in color to try to capture some of that feeling.

Thanks for looking.



9 thoughts on “Week 3: Quiet snow [Disco Foxtrot]

  1. Xtol is a favourite of mine, great developer in both stock and diluted form. However I’ve been going for more Pyro developers, Pyrocat-HD specifically since it gives the same sharpness as Rodinal and the fine grain as Xtol.

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