Week 3 – Stand developing discovered pt 2

In last week’s post I showed results of stand developing a roll of film whose provenance was questionable for a variety of reasons. This week I’ve got the roll I developed with it, which I actually shot all one one day when we were having really big surf and stormy weather.This roll was shot on my trusty Nikon FE and Nikkor 35-105 mm lens, using Eastman Double X ISO 200.  I pushed the film one stop because I love contrasty images. I was able to develop it with the roll from the Pentax because….stand developing. I am sure I’ll be using this method more in future because I’m a person who shoots a ton of different films all the time so it’s not often I have two rolls of the same film that have also been shot the same way. This lets me develop any two black and white rolls with any ISO at the same time (since I only have a two spool tank). Some things I learned were  – I probably DON’T want to agitate the film except for a few gentle swishes. I DO want to be more careful to tap it hard to remove air bubbles. As you can see some of these shots suffer from bubbles, also although I love grain, this made them exceptionally grainy given that I only pushed one stop. Still….I’m overall happy with the results and I’ve learned something I can use in future.

10 thoughts on “Week 3 – Stand developing discovered pt 2

  1. Nice results. I often use stand development (with Rodinal) and mix EI within the same roll. That way I can shoot one image at EI 400 and the next at EI 100. Stand dev can even these all out. Tri-X for example I’ve shoot from EI 100-1250 on the same roll.


  2. Great pics and interesting process, thank you! Never heard about stand developing yet, sounds great. Changing ISO-rates in mid-roll is a great option.


    • I used Rodinal 1:100 and developed 1 hour, which is apparently the appropriate time for all films at all speeds. The things I did wrong, at least for me, were to agitate 1 minute as at the start of normal development, and agitate again at the hallway point. I think this contributed to the grain, which although I love grain, is pretty crazy. Yesterday I did two other rolls but left out the agitation and just swished gently, and they were much less grainy though one still more than normal. I used ilford fixer because that’s what I has sitting around.


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