Week 3: Cold and Rainy

This week was cold (relatively) and rainy.  We started out the week with a trip to the High Art Museum and ended the week with an excursion to a model train show.

Again, this process is teaching me to slow down.  In the age when everyone is comfortable with someone snapping a pic with their iPhone, it’s hard not to draw attention when you have an SLR strapped to you.  When you bring it up to your eye, people think you are up to something.

I’m going to finish the roll I have in my N90s and then move on to a pack of “beta” film for my Polaroid 600.  Look in coming weeks for a reprise of the Kodak Tourist as I learn how to roll my own film and Polaroid 100 film using a hacked up Holga.

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Cold and Rainy

  1. Love the pictures of the train set. Is your beta film the gen3 colour? Seen some great stuff so far from that. Look forward to following your adventures in the coming weeks! 🙂


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