Week 3:I actually got some images!

As a quick reminder I am publishing my photos one week in arrears as the film is sent to a lab for scanning & development.  My project is using a Holga 120n and this week’s film is Fuji Provia 400.

Folowing last week’s disaster of getting no images as I shot at night (rookie mistake) I waited for a bright day and headed out one lunchtime from work.

With Holga this time I taped it up for possible light leaks. I still find the shutter strange, as it doesn’t feel like I have taken a picture so currently I think I am pressing it too long to compensate.  I miss the reassuring click of my OM1.

The other thing I will not do for the first few weeks is any processing of the scans so these have had no post processing adjustments.  This is difficult for me in one respect as I am a little bit OCD if the horizon is not level!

Hope you enjoy the images, next week see how I got on with B&W Lmography Lady Grey 400 this time in daylight


11 thoughts on “Week 3:I actually got some images!

  1. Awesome! And you won’t be disappointed by Lady Grey, she’s a fantastic film! I would also recommend Ilford Delta 100 it’s a great film for toy cameras

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    • Thanks, I have the results from Lady Grey already and will post next week. Someone has given me some delta so will definitely be trying that in the next few weeks


    • Is it supposed to be just a quick press as I seem to hold it for a just a bit to long worried it was too quick?


  2. Nice! Love the unmistakable look of the Holga…l’ll defo be using mine at some point in this project. I’m also working on the principle of shoot this week, post next but this week I was all over the place 🙂

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