Week 4, Snow! (Finally)

We have had a fairly dry winter here so far, but we definitely got some snow this past weekend (as US readers are probably aware).  We were slated to get about 4-6 inches (10-15cm), but by the time the snow stopped, we had about 12 (30cm).  Thinking I could get some ‘action’ shots I loaded up the Yashica 124g with some Lady Grey 400 from Lomography and went out in search of some fun shots.

First a bit about the film. This stuff was a serious pain to load onto my development reels (it exhibited a very tight curl) and was next to impossible to scan because after development, the curl was twisted.  So if you are holding the film the near left is wanting to turn down and the far right is wanting to turn down.  This made loading it onto my film scanner holders rather difficult.  Development was in Rodinal 1+100, semi-stand, gentle inversions at beginning, 20 mins and 40 mins, 1 hr total. The results were fine, I just found fighting with the film made me think I probably wouldn’t try another 3-pack of it.

Not my best snowfall shots ever, but it is tough to get everything right with falling snow. I don’t know that I will try to print any of these, maybe the Furry Birch.




Night steps, flashlight illumination, 4 sec exp


Furry Birch


Road with random salt dump


Bend, don’t break

3 thoughts on “Week 4, Snow! (Finally)

    • It’s mostly gone in the city where I work (only the places people had to pile it are left), but my house still has full coverage. I enjoy shooting when it is snowing, but it is challenging to get the look I am going for, which is kind of a pictorialist/dreamy nature shot. Ah well, every roll can’t be gold.


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