[raulpc] week 4 – by the river…

My GX680 is a monster beauty! When I take it out, place it in a tripod, and look at the bright groundglass, everything comes in place ready to be composed, and sometimes a crowd gathers around to look at it. That big frame, full of information, is a pleasure to look at. It’s a large format camera in a medium format envelope. The lens are made from large format specifications and the camera have all the front movements, tilt, shift, swing, rise and fall. And of course image is dead sharp if you can use it.

So I took it by the river, with a Adox 100 and some filters. Just got the Lee 100mm B&W set, and was trying it for the first time. Here are the best results from nine in the roll, developed in Tanol.




7 thoughts on “[raulpc] week 4 – by the river…

    • Thank you!
      To hold it steady I bought some years ago my most precious tripod, expensive but money worth spending, the National Geographic NGET2 Carbon, made by Manfrotto. Strong enough even to handle my 8×10 cameras! 🙂

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      • Nice! That looks sturdy and solid, but not crazy overengineered, almost like something I already have. I guess if I put a big 6×8 on mine I’d be ok, though I like the portability of a TLR for bringing medium format outside I think…

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