TK Roll 2015-47: 5 Days of Summer (Minolta X-700, 45/f2 and 28/f2.8, Agfa Precisa 100)

When the trip to Sweden had ended, the vacation hadn’t yet. Still, it had been a thing to look forward to, to plan and think about. And when it was over, it was over. It was, much like a Sunday afternoon, a reminder that normalcy would intrude into our lives again before long.

We made a few stops on the way from Vaasa back to our home base, and we enjoyed them. We saw family, we ate and drank and played games and dove into cool flowing water, and toweled off quickly before the mosquitoes would notice us, and more importantly, catch up with us. The days were still long, and would be for a while. The sun was still golden and the skies, fleeced with clouds, were beautiful. It was as if nature was able to show its effortless grace in creating the world around us: Look here, it’s pretty spectacular, isn’t it? I do this for fun.

We had fun those last days, but they were the waning moon, the final act, the last few pages of that particular trip. When we boarded our plane back to Germany, we ruminated on when we’d be back, and who we’d be then, and what thoughts we would think and which books we would read on that future journey, and what bags we would pack and shoes wear. Would they be the same ones we had on our feet now? And if so, what ground would they have tread on before they touched this ground again?

And of course, we thought about which cameras we would bring to document it all, and what our eyes would have seen before peering through their viewfinders. The last days of summer had begun, and we would make the best of them.

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