TK Roll 2015-48: Formerly (Nikon F601, 35–70/f3.3–4.5, dm ISO 400)

Once again, I found myself in Bonn. Cologne itself offers up many entertainment options, including theater, cinemas, museums, stores, stadiums and parks. But somehow we keep going back to Bonn and its orderly streets and few but impressive museums, its former governmental architecture and its small-town antics.

I took some images from this roll still in Cologne, some on another trip to St. Augustin where I had archival business (see roll 34) and some in Munich. Bonn, however, is where this roll ends, where it segways into the next, which shows an enjoyable afternoon at the Deutsches Museum there.

Many images in this roll appear grainier than they should be. Maybe I had used film from an older batch than before. Maybe the camera underexposed a bit. Or maybe the film had just been brought to so many places before it was even placed in a camera, from fridge to plane to a backpack on a hot day and back into the cold, through humid climes and x-ray machines, that it had suffered some damage. I couldn’t recall when I put it into the camera. I just wanted some fast film, and this is what I had.


Likewise, the Nikon F601 with the 35-70 standard zoom wasn’t the best or most capable camera I had, but it was fast to operate. Fast was what I had wanted, and these are the results. Compared to the bright and cheery slides of my summer vacation, these images all seem lackluster. As in, lacking the luster of special, pretty light and composition, and firmly rooted in the normal world of everyday surroundings.

This isn’t my favorite roll. I struggled to find images here that I was okay having the world see, and there are fewer pictures posted for this roll than for others. But it is what it is.

It shows places that were something more than what they are now. It shows buildings and details and objects that formerly meant something more than they do now.


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