TK Roll 2015-50: Out of Season II (Nikon F801s, 35–70 & 70–210 AF, dm ISO 200)

Months ago I posted a roll shot on a trip to Bonn. I had posted it late, much later than usual, and thus called the little essay I wrote for it “Out of Season.” Since life got in the way of me scanning and posting many of my rolls since last September, I guess all of them are somehow out of season now. For this one specifically, however, it seems appropriate to resurrect the title. I had it developed and scanned at a new place near my new apartment (not a lab but a supermarket that still collects and sends off film rolls). The move had been a big part of the reason why I hadn’t been able to share as much of my 52 rolls project as fast as I had hoped for.

The roll reflected this move. It begins with shots taken still in my old neighborhood, close to the ground, where many small shops abounded and where you’d just naturally be drawn to leave the house, camera in hand, and just meander. And bring home pictures.

When I moved, it was to a larger apartment at the other end of the city. Finally, my girlfriend and I would live in the same town, in the same place. Just one bedroom, one fridge to fill, one kitchen table, and one address. The new place is in a much different environment. It’s on the 17th floor (or, on the 18th if you count the ground floor as floor 1) of a highrise. It has views on the river, on the city, and on a neighboring skyscraper. Walking up takes a full three minutes if you don’t dawdle. It feels much more urban, yet much more removed from the life of the city. It’s a 1970s city planner’s dream, and like many such dreams was made a reality without taking into account something important: people. Humans. What they like to do, and where they like to go. There is one pub in walking distance, and grocery stores and other facilities in this part of town are clearly meant to be accessed by car, not on foot.

Still, this is where I am now. Close to the end of the project, I am offered new views, and new pictures. And close to the end of the project, I realize how much and yet how little has changed in a year. I’m in a new place but in the same city. I still hold the same job, but soon that contract will run out, and I will be looking, again, for something new. Whatever it is, wherever it will take me, I know I’ll be taking pictures along the way.

Camera Notes: The Nikon F801s, my current autofocus go-to. The 35-70 lens is good, the 70-210 (used for the later shots of the building, the circus, the sunsets, and the planes) is better. It’s a nice travel setup if you don’t need fast lenses. The scans, as stated above, are commercial scans done by the lab, and I’m actually happy with those, unlike the first time I went that route.

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